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Fall New and Reminders


It is already Labor Day Weekend and we are gearing up for an exciting new season of dance.  There are a lot of changes in store and I am really excited about all of them!


First of all, I have a couple of announcements about classes.  I have added a 4 year old (preprimary) class on Wednesday from 5:00-6:00.  I would also appreciate it if a few people in primary 2 (1st graders) would switch to the Wednesday 6:30 only has one student signed up right now, and I have waiting lists for a couple of the other options.  The Wednesday Primary 2 class at 4:30 is actually at 4:00.  I made a mistake when I printed the schedule, and I just figured it out.  Please let me know if this poses any problems.  We still have room in most of our classes, but some are full with waiting lists.  If you haven't signed up, it is not too late.  You may register online, or call me to sign up.  Now for the really exciting news...



New Programs at Springfield Dance

Due to our expansion, we will be offering many new programs this season.  Since hiring a male ballet instructor, we have added boys classes.  We are also adding a toddler/parent movement classes for children 18-36 months to participate with their parents.  We will be working on movement, rhythm, tumbling and much more!  With the new space we will also be able to accommodate more equipment, so we have hired a gymnastics instructor.  We have scheduled classes for 3-4 year olds and 5-7 with gymnastics classes (full equipment), but can take students up to 85 pounds in gym classes.  We have also added a gymnastics class for skaters and for cheerleading.  On the 4th Friday of each month, we will be hosting a "Parents Night Out" pizza party for children 5-12 years old.  Parents can drop their kids off (boys or girls) at 6:00 for pizza and organized activities.  Enjoy an evening out without having to drive a babysitter to and from your house...and without completely depleting your food supply.  Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, and space will be limited.  The fee for the pizza night will be $25 per child (including pizza) and the pick up time is 10:00.  If you are interested in any of these programs, please call or email me to get the times/days.



New Studio Update

We are scheduled to start the new studio next week.  As most of you know, I had hoped that it would have been completed by now, but we have had many obstacles to overcome that I had not anticipated.  I will let you all know when the move will take place, and I am shooting for either Thanksgiving week or Christmas so that we do not have to close the studio any extra days.  The new studio will be located in the new business park west of the Curran Blacktop (southwest of the wabash exit off of 36-72 West....or just follow Wabash west until it curves under the highway bridge and to the right).  I will post maps at the studio so that you can monitor the progress too!




Payment Procedures

Payments are due by the 15th of the preceding month.  Payments not received by the 1st of the month are subject to a $10 late fee.  Any cancellations must be reported before the 1st of the month to avoid billing charges.  Gymnastics classes will be charged separately from the dance classes, and will not be included in dance class hourly rate or unlimited dance classes.  Gymnastics classes will follow the same fee schedule as the dance classes and a $5 monthly discount will be given to students signed up for both dance and gymnastics.



Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

Since we had planned on being in the new building by September 1st, we have had to make some small renovations in our current location, and therefore there is no longer a dressing room.  Please bring your children to class wearing their dance attire and keep shoes in a small bag that will be taken into the dance room with them.  Please do not drop your children off more than 5 minutes prior to the start of their class, since we no longer have a place for them to sit and wait.  They will be brought into the danceroom 5 minutes before the start of class to keep the hallway clear.  When dropping off your child, please come in the East drive and then drive around the building and exit the West drive.  This will avoid parking lot congestion.   Parents may bring small children into the studio and get them to their class, but again, please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the start of class. When picking up your child please arrive on time.  If a parent is excessively late to pick up their child (more than 2 times), a $15 fee will be charged for each instance after the 3rd offense.  If you are late, your child will be waiting in the office.



New Students

If you have called to register for classes and you have not yet sent in your $20 registration fee, you have not been placed in a class.  If you are still interested in being placed in a class, either call or register online and send in the $20 registration fee as soon as possible.  Many of the classes have been filled and we may need to find an alternative class for your child



Returning Students

If you have signed up for classes and you have not paid, you have not been added to the class roster yet.  Please send in tuition this week.  If you are not planning on returning, please let me know and I will take you off of our lists.


You can contact me by email or by website or phone 698-8344.


I look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Ronda Brinkman

Owner, Springfield Dance