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Adult Recital
Tap Dance
Wednesday’s Class



2 (Flap, Flap, Flap Tap Hop)
2 (Flap Tap Hop)
4 Flaps
Second one ending with Flap Heel Step

Sequence A


3 (Flap Click Heel)
1 Flap Step Step

Sequence B


3 (Buffalo Flap Step Step)
1 (Brish Heel Flap Step Step)

Sequence C


4 Draw Backs – last one ending in a tap
2 2-Steps – beginning with the foot that taps

Sequence D


3 Triple Off-Beat Time Steps
(Brish Heel Shuffle Leap, Flap Step Step)
Brish Heel Flap Step Step
Sequence D begins with left foot!

Sequence F


Flap Heel
Flap Heel Heel
Brish Heel Flap
Flap Step Step

Sequence G


3 Cramp Rolls (Brush Toe Toe Heel Heel)
1 (Flap Heel Heel)

Sequence H


2 2-Steps
Shuffle Ballchange
Shuffle Ballchange
Shuffle Ballchange Ballchange Step

Sequence I


2 Heel Grind Time Steps
Step Shuffle Leap Heel Grind Leap, Step Shuffle Leap Heel Grind Leap
Step Shuffle Leap Heel Grind, Heel Grind, Heel Grind Leap

Sequence J


8 Step Shuffles

Sequence L


16 Flaps -  this is where Tuesday’s class is moving into your line

Sequence AA-CC


Turning on the  cramp rolls towards the right


Exit Dancing