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Creative Movement

Tuesday 9:00



(All notes in parentheses are direction notations that I do not say out loud to the children.  Direction is usually listed 1st, then arms separated by a dash.  Use calendar vocabulary list or print it off of the website for pronunciation.)


(Begin in 1st position -arms in 2nd --like a big bear hug, start w/ music)

Plié & a straight, stretch your toes & snap (tendue right close 1st position ) plié relevé bourré turn (right -arms en haut), rock back (right -arms 2nd) & front (left) rock back (right) & front (left) step (right side) arabesque (lifting left) plié straight (1st position feet & arms) piqué piqué piqué passé (right -arms 1st position ) close 1st position, soutenue turn (right -arms en haut ) retiré soutenue turn (right) retiré, plié & sauté sauté (arms low 1st) bourré turn (right -arms 5th) step (right) arabesque (lifting left) bourré turn (right), circle (right) leg & curtsy.