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Level 1 Tap
Tap Dance


Sequence A


R Tap Tap Hop Step
L Tap Tap Hop Step
4 Tap Steps (R, L, R, L)
Repeat Sequence A

Sequence B


2 {Shim Shams with a Hop (R, L)}
[Shim Sham: Shuffle Hop Step, Shuffle Hop Step, Shuffle Ballchange, Shuffle Hop Step


Sequence C


4{Heel, Tap in Front, Heel, Leap Tap Tap}

Sequence D


2 {Shuffle Ballchange, Shuffle Ballchange, Shuffle Ballchange Ballchange, Step}
[1st begins with right, turning right 2nd begins with left, turning left]

Sequence E


2 {3 Buffalo, 1 Shuffle Hop Step}
(R, L)

Sequence F


4 {Suzy Q Step}

Sequence G


8 2-Steps (Step Ballchange) Switching Lines


Repeat Sequences A E (Skipping Sequence F)