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Level 2 Tap
Tap Dance


Group #1: Tuesday/Wednesday- Tuesday will be in front 1st

Group #2: Thursday/Saturday – Thursday will be in front 1st

Sequence A


2 {3 Shuffle, Step}
3 {Shuffle Step}
1 {Shuffle Ballchange, Shuffle Step}
Repeat Sequence A

Sequence B


2 {Heel Grind Step}
2 2-Steps (Step Ballchange)
Repeat Sequence B

Sequence C


            2 {3 Buffalo’s, Shuffle Step}

Sequence D


4 {Flap Front, Flap Side, Triplet Turn}

Tues and Thurs right, turning 4 times until you face the front again
Wed and Sat, turning 2 times, 1st and 3rd are done in place facing front

Sequence E


3 Pinwheel Turns
3 Heel, Heel, Step, Step
1 Heel-Right (getting ready to begin time step)

Sequence F


SLOW - 1 Single Off Beat Time Step (Brish Heel, Leap, Flap, Step, Heel)
3 2-Steps (beginning with left foot)
1 Heel-Right (getting ready to repeat Sequence F)

Repeat Sequence F
(Thursday/Saturday’s class will move into the front line during the first set of  2-steps and then continue up to dance in the front row)




Repeat Sequences A – E

(Tuesday & Saturday’s class will move in with the front row during Sequence F)