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Pointe 1

(All notes in parentheses are direction notations that I do not say out loud to the children.  Direction is usually listed 1st, then arms separated by a dash.  Use calendar vocabulary list or print it off of the website for pronunciation.)

88 8888 8888-group 1=14| 8888 8888-group 2=12| 8888 8888-group 3=13| finale 8888 88

39 girls


4 girls bourré (from corners to center) -4- piqué turn 2x soutenue -8- glissade pas de chat to tendue croisé devant (arms diaganol ) developé to arabesque -4- promenade (into center finish away from center) -8- (3 girls enter on 5)-





Repeat opening step -88- AST 1st 4 to knee circle port de bras (upstage) stand -8- developé ecarté (derierre away from center -4- fouetté to arabesque (facing in) -8- (7 girls enter on 5 )



1st group in center =




2nd 7 repeat opening step -88- AST 1st group repeats opening step in a clock wise circle - up to promenade instead do failli pas de bourré




Bourré around partner -4- walk to new pose -8-


Jeté coupé pas de bourré (right) piqué attitude croisé devant plié relevé passé prepare 4th pirouette 4th -8-


Step back left developé ecarté devant -4- fouetté to arabesque -8- promenade counterclockwise -4- tombé pas de bourré piqué arabesque exit -8-


2nd section 12 girls (entering 6 each side




Sauté arabesque temps de fleche run run jeté croisé (open arms ) relevé passé (3rd) change pirouette to 4th -8- (same direction ) sauté arabesque failli glissade pas de chat -4- soutenue walk to above shape -8- piqué passé 2x (away from partner, arms 3rd low switch 3rd high) jeté coupé piqué arabesque (into partner) -4- failli inward pirouette pas de bourré -8- developé a la seconde -2- fouetté to arabesque -4- promenade to attitude croisé derierre -6- circle port de corps  -8-


Changing shapes (row 1 & 2 moving up stage, 3 & 4 down) repeat 1st 8 counts -replace pirouette w/ soutenue

Changing directions -8- reverse (same foot) -8- balancé 2x (R, L) lame duck tendue turn -4- (different directions- travel same as opening) chaines -2- attitude  balancé -4- waltz turn glissade piqué arabesque exit -8-



Group 3 (13 girls 6 stage R, 7 Stage L) sauté failli glissade saut de chat piqué arabesque failli glissade soutenue -8- (crossing center 2 lines)

(in a circle) waltz turn piqué arabesque soutenue -8- repeat going front to back -8- tombé pas de bourré (R) pirouette walk to new spot -8- (3 lines 3-4-3)


(front) Sauté arabesque (L) failli coupé pas de chat to 5th -4- to knee circle upstage -8- reverance -4- stand soutenue (L) -8-


(middle) sauté arabesque failli coupé 2x (RL) -4- pas de chat 5th -6- to knee circle -8,2- reverance -4- stand soutenue -8-


(Back)sauté arabesque failli coupé 3x (LRL) -6- pas de chat 5th -8- to knee circle -4- stand soutenue -8-


Loop away & up stage 2 circles -8,4- glissade piqué exit -8-