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Tap Shoe Recommendations


I wanted to drop you a note to answer many questions concerning tap shoes.  I would like for Level 2, Intermediate, and Advanced classes to have the same type of shoe  (Level 1 and all other classes are optional).  This is not only for looks, but also for sound quality.  Because of all the the rapidly growing feet, I have chosen two different brands of shoes.  Both of these brands have a hard leather sole, which makes a richer, more pronounced sound than those with soft leather soles.  I would ask that you DO NOT purchase any tap shoes with a split sole.  These shoes can bend in half and are designed for experienced dancers and those specializing in the medium of Jazz-Tap.  I would also ask that you do not purchase any tap shoes with a heel.   UNLESS YOUR CHILD'S FEET HAVE OUTGROWN THE CURRENT PAIR, please do not go out and purchase new shoes for this year's recital.  I just wanted to give you a "heads up" for the future when new shoes are needed.  Please do not feel obligated to purchase new shoes.  These are recommendations for your child as she becomes more advanced.  If you are interested in a particular shoe not listed, please ask me before buying them.  I will be glad to help you decide.

bulletBoth shoes listed below are of the Oxford style and should be ordered in Black.
bulletTaps are already attached.
bulletShipping & Handling not included in prices below.
The Dance Works
(800) 762-0789
Peoria, IL
All Leather
Sizes 4 & up
Man Made Upper
Children's Sizes 7 to1-1/2
Man Made
Children's Sizes 2 to 4
All Leather
Children and Adult Sizes Sizes

Allow for delivery time