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Wednesday, February 6 2002
Event Title: Observation Week
Parents are invited and are encouraged to attend dance class

This will allow you to see the progress your child is making as a dancer. Notices will be posted in the studio and on the website two weeks prior to the observation week as a reminder. All parents are asked to wait in the lobby or the dressing room while class is in progress, with the exception of the special observation days.

Please do not allow your children to sit / play in the office area. This space is for staff only.

Event Title: Sign Up for Summer Classes
We are going to follow the same format as last summer.

Children under age 11 will be taking 2 week Dance Camp sessions. We will focus on a particular ballet (last summer we did Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake), and learn about the costumes, hair and makeup, and dance steps.

Last summer the children that attended the dance camps had a great time, and many signed up for additional sessions. This is the perfect way to get them out of a specific routine and show them a completely different side to dance. The nice part about it is they get 2 months worth of dance classes in 2 weeks. Many parents were very unsure how their children would react to coming to dance class 4 days in a row for 2 weeks, but they were pleasantly surprised when they did not complain at all about attending. Each day the children did something different and at the end of the session they had an activity booklet to take home to show their parents what they learned in class. They even got to dress up in costumes and have their picture taken!

Sign your child up soon to get the session of your choice. Space is limited in each camp, so please hurry.  Created By WebCal Plus Licensed To: EVALUATION COPY ONLY

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