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Make Up
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bullet Evenly apply base to face and neck so that no streaks or lines show.

bulletHave the child "suck in" cheeks and apply blush with applicator brush to the hollow place in the cheeks.  Blend it in so that it is evenly distributed in an upward motion.

bulletApply eye shadow evenly from lashes to brow bone using a large applicator brush.   Blend it so that there are no harsh lines.

bulletEyeliner should be applied on the upper eye lid from the inner eye curving upward about a quarter of an inch past the outer edge of the eye and underneath the bottom lashes from the inner eye curving slightly downward and away from the outer edge of the eye.

bulletApply a thick layer of water proof mascara to child's upper and lower lashes.

bulletVolunteers will be on hand to fix any mistakes.                                         

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