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To Be Updated as the Recital Nears

Dear Volunteers:

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to help with your child’s class.  We really could not do a performance without helpful people like you, who are willing to stay with the children…Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Tonight all of the children will START in the balcony EXCEPT the intermediate jazz Wednesday girls and the 2 creative movement dances.  The jazz dance starts on the stage, the first creative movement dance (Monday 3:15 and Wednesday 5:30) will start back stage, and the second creative movement dance will start in the hallway by the stage.  Dance # 5 (preprimary Monday) will come down from the balcony at the beginning of Dance #4 (Advanced Ballet); Dance #6 and Dance #7 will come down about ½ way through dance #4 (about 3 minutes into it).  At the start of Dance #5, Dance #8 will come downstairs.  After that, when there are 3 dances before your’s, bring the children downstairs.  We should always have 1 dance on the stage, 1 dance backstage, 1 dance in the hallway, and 1 dance coming down.  All level 1 dancers come down 3 dances before the 1st level 1 dance, and the same with level 2.

All of the classes are marked in the balcony with a sign next to the row you should seat the kids.  If you start backstage, it will help if you send one of the helpers to the balcony to see where you will be sitting before you have to take the kids up there. 

Directions to the balcony:  If you are coming up the steps from the dressing rooms to the stage, instead of stopping off at the stage, keep going up until you can’t go up anymore.  The balcony door is marked and you may enter there without ever disturbing the audience. 

Please be sure to keep track of what dance we are on so that you don’t miss the dance.  We will be aware of who is backstage waiting, and if we don’t see you, we will come get you, but it will run a lot more smoothly if you keep track and come down on your own. 

The children will be getting a treat bag at the end of the performance.  Please do not let them open them while they are in the balcony.  If your group does more than one dance, make sure each child gets a treat bag after their last dance.  If your group has a boy, ask the assistant for a “boy treat bag”.  There are also a couple of classes who have children who can’t have candy, and those exceptions are noted below.  Again, thanks for putting up with the craziness!  You are the ones who help keep me sane!


Ronda Brinkman

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