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Recital Information
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Recital Information

·        Dress Rehearsal - Wednesday, June 4, 2003.

·        Recital - Thursday, June 5, 2003.

Dress Rehearsal

On Wednesday, June 4.  Each group is assigned an approximate time.  Please be at the theatre 20 minutes prior to your call to stage and go directly to the dressing room to meet your chaperones.  They will explain all of the rules to you and take you to the stage for your performance number.  You may watch from the audience during the dress rehearsal, but please do not stand back stage.  This space is reserved for performers and volunteers only.  When you arrive at the theatre, please enter through the stage door (West side) and instructions on dressing room locations will be right inside the doors on the bulletin board. Please have your child dressed in her black leotard & pink tights with her hair in a bun and make-up applied prior to your arrival to the theatre.  You are responsible for doing your own child’s hair and make-up.  Instructions are included in this packet.  I will need at least 3 helpers per class. Any class without 3 helpers will not be able to perform.


On Thursday, June 5, dancers should arrive at the theater with hair and make-up done between 5:30 and 6:00. Go directly to the dressing room and get into the costume. At 6:15 the 1st 3 dances will be taken up to the stage, #'s 3-6 will be lined up downstairs and the rest will be taken to the balcony to watch. Three dances before each number we will be bringing another group down and taking one back to the balcony to watch. Creative Movement, Primary 1 and 2, and Pre-primary will be finished after they perform, but will be taken to the balcony following their dance to watch.  All children are to be picked up in the dressing rooms following the performance. No one is allowed in the balcony unless they are a helper or a performer NO EXCEPTIONS! You must wait until the show is over to get your children.  When you drop your child off for dress rehearsal or recital, please give the chaperones the name of the person who will be meeting your child in the dressing room following the performance.  Only one person will be allowed in the dressing room area to pick up your child.  You may then take your child to meet the rest of his/her family in the lobby or in the outside courtyard area.  Last year we too many people in the dressing room area and it became very difficult for the chaperones to keep track of the children.  No one will be allowed in the dressing room area until the children are safely into their dressing rooms.  We will have monitors posted at each of the doors, so please be patient.  This is for the children’s safety. The approximate running time of the show is one hour and thirty minutes.

EVERYONE needs to have their hair pulled back in a low secure bun. If hair is shorter than shoulder length, a French braid with all ends tucked under will be fine. Hair that is chin length or shorter will have to be secured away from the face with barrettes. If you have trouble getting your child's hair pulled back securely, find someone who can. Buns stay more securely if you wrap a hair net around the bun before you place the pins in. Use plenty of pins (at least 10) or the bun will surely fall out. Please have hair secured before arriving at the theater.


You will need to apply base 1 shade darker than your child's skin- unless your child has very dark skin- to the neck and face.  A rose or medium brown blush should be applied to the cheekbones.  Use a medium shade of brown eye shadow, to highlight and accent your child's eyes.  Use black or brown eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, black mascara, and a deep burgundy lipstick.  Small children may fidget upon application, but it is essential that everyone have the proper make-up applied in order to look “normal” and not “washed out” on stage.  All make-up should be applied prior to your arrival to the theater.  We will have “ fix-it moms,”

Who can correct any mistakes, but will not be applying anyone's make-up.

NO UNDERPANTS WITH THE COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!  Dancers do not wear underpants with leotards and tights.  The tights are made to function as the underpants.  I have told the children in the past that… “You don't wear underpants with a swim suit, and you don't wear underpants with a leotard.” 

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